Step one - the Mystic way:

  • Get me a ColorClassic, of course :), installing a clean System7, prove of operation
  • exchange of logicboard with one of the Performa 575 (68LC040 @ 33 MHz), same form factor as CC board, requires system hack to run with CC screen resolution of 512x384
  • replacement of the processor with a full 68040 @ 33 MHz, making the CC run like a Quadra 800
  • put some RAM in it, probably 36 or even 64 MByte
  • replacing original 80 MByte SCSI-harddrive with one of 1 GByte
  • VGA (sense-line) hack to the analogboard in order to display 640x480 on the CC screen (Lets the CC think the built-in 12” is a 13” monitor), adjusting the monitor controls to use all screen estate (minimizing black boarders)cranking up the processor clock to 40 MHz (equals 21 % speed gain), applying heat sinks to processor and video chip

Heavy Mac needs proper support The ColourClassic as seen
by German magazine MacWelt in April 1993.