Vanishing Point Video Capture Shots

Vanishing Point Vanishing Point

Kowalski buying speed from Jake Kowalski running from 2 motorcycle cops

Vanishing PointVanishing Point

Challenger outrunning Jaguar Kowalski rests at the Nevada border

Vanishing PointVanishing Point

Kowalski speeds through Nevada Kowalski running from the cops

Vanishing PointVanishing Point

Kowalski running from the cops Super Soul waits to broadcast to Kowalski
The remaining pictures could not be recovered (sorry!):

Kowalski lost in the desert Kowalski dreams about Vera

Super Soul talks to the media Prospector gives advice to Kowalski
Prospector gets gas for Kowalski Kowalski picks up male hitchhikers

Rednecks arrive to beat up Super Soul Kowalski follows Angel to his trailer

Nude rider in the desert Super Soul returns to the radio station

Kowalski heads for the bulldozers Kowalski crashes into bulldozers