Vanishing Point - "Lost" Scenes

The Hitchhiker Scene with Charlotte Rampling

Thanks to Pete Woodhead from the UK for this information concerning the Charlotte Rampling hitchhiker scene! Pete writes:

  As a UK fan of the film since childhood I thought I'd drop you a line or
two with some extra material for your site that I have collected over the
I first fell in love with the movie in 1976. I was 12 years old when late
on a Friday night my Mother started watching it on TV and was so impressed
by the first 10 minutes, she came upstairs to wake me to let me watch it
with her. This was a VERY rare event in my household and I have never
forgotten the thrill of seeing the movie and just fell in love with it
I don't know whether you are aware but the English actress Charlotte
Rampling was also in the first cut of the movie playing a hitch-hiker that
Kowalski sleeps with. For some strange reason, this scene was cut after
preview screenings of the movie. The still of Charlotte Rampling and Barry
Newman would appear to be proof of this and is taken from an excellent
article by Danny Peary which appears in Cult Movies 2 (1983). This book is
still widely available ( stocks it!) and is also the source of
the other b&w publicity still which really shows off the beauty of the
Mopar car.

Charlotte Rampling & Barry Newman

B&W still from the lost hitchhiker scene.

The Arguement Scene when Kowalski was buying speed from Jake

Kowalski & Jake

Kowalski breaks up an arguement between Jake and a kid. This image appears on the back cover of a Vanishing Point Laserdisc.